Welcome to Malcolm Island!

Founded at the turn of the century by open-minded Finnish settlers, Sointula today has a diverse population of 600 residents who are still independent entrepreneurs.  “Sointula” is Finnish for “harmony” and the original settlers dreamt of an island utopia where they would reside in a communal society, in balance with nature, and a utopian belief of individual freedom and equality.

Sointula’s first people endured the hard climate, rains & fires, market hardships & poor planning for 4 years, but the members eventually returned the island to the government.  The remaining people bought the land and focused on commercial fishing and created a rich history that can be explored today in the museum and the historic buildings.  Later settlers arrived with similar ideals as the original Finns, and their inspiration is revealed in their artwork and community spirit.

Unpack, Kick Back & Relax!

You have no choice but to be on island time…unless you are heading out on the water to pull some crab traps and fish for halibut.  But besides a fishing appointment, time slows down here and the change of pace will put years onto your life!

It’s a place where you may have to phone someone to get into the museum, the ferry might leave 5 minutes earlier than the schedule reads, and there will always be a dog sleeping in the middle of the road.

At times it actually feels more like a Central American village rather than a Canadian town, with friendly people who will sit and chat and crack jokes all day. Everyone has time to enjoy life!

Once you arrive off the ferry, all the amenities are within walking distance in the town, yet there are lots of back roads to explore with a vehicle.  Cyclists will love the quiet roads;  hybrid mountain bikes are recommended as the paved roads are limited and lumpy.

The harbour still bustles with activity with boats heading out to see the orca whales, passenger ferries shuttling back and forth to Port McNeill and Alert Bay, and, of course, fish-fish-fishing!  Blackfish Sound is a popular area for salmon fishing with Chinooks offered year ‘round.

Geographically, Malcolm Island is one of the most northern islands located between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia in the Queen Charlotte Sound….gateway to Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, which offers unsurpassed recreational boating and sightseeing for many species of whales including humpbacks, orcas, pilots as well as dolphins and porpoises.
The island acts as a barrier, protecting the other inside passage islands from the rough Pacific ocean.  As a result, the north side of the island is sparsely populated, and offers miles of deserted beaches that have great beachcombing potential. 

The air is fresh and wonderful to breathe, and on clear nights, the stars stand right out from the sky.  The western view from the village offers fabulous sunsets over Vancouver Island, and the pink morning sky is a delight to early risers. 
However, be prepared for cooler temperatures in the summer and the possibility of fog.  The cold, clear waters that the orca and sea birds thrive on keeps the daily temperatures slightly cooler than islands to the south.  “Sunny Sointula” tends to get more sunshine than neighboring north Vancouver Island since it is further east of the island mountain range, but be prepared for four season in one day!



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