Island Ethics

Welcome to our Beautiful Coast…

Tourism is the largest industry in the world and has a massive impact on people and nature. We are striving for ‘responsible tourism’ on Quadra Island, in Campbell River and all other areas on Vancouver Island-tourism that is beneficial to both visitors and the local community, while also respecting our precious environment. We hope you find the following to be of interest. You can help our company maintain the natural peace, beauty and safety of this wonderful local area.

Environmental Responsibility…

Fire Hazard The past several summers have been hot and dry with high fire hazard to our forests and homes. There have been total fire bans in place for most of the summer. Even campfires in fire pits have been banned at times. It si extremely important that all residents, temporary and permanent are aware of the level of fire hazard in summer season, and act with care when smoking outdoors. Dispose of your cigarette buttes in a safe manner.

Water Conservation In hot, dry summers, the amount of water available may be compromised at some locations. Some properties have surface wells, which do not produce as much water in the summer. It is very important to avoid excess usage. Because most properties have a septic system, please dispose of facial tissues and sanitary products in the garbage, not in toilets.

Recycling All garbage must be trucked to landfills often long distances away. To minimize the amount of garbage produced, we encourage recycling. Please separate your recycling into appropriate containers, and use the compost bin if there is one. The local areas recycling centres are described in detail within each properties guest manual. 

Anti-Litter Please dispose of all litter in appropriate garbage cans; help keep our roads, parks, trails and oceans clean. Rubbish can be hazardous to wildlife too, so please dispose of any garbage responsibly.

Responsible use of Resources Please turn off lights and taps and turn down thermostats when leaving your accommodation.

Outdoor Activities Enjoying nature is one of the joys of being in our local area. There are a few things we hope that you will remember. If you are on the water, keep a distance of at least 100 meters from seals, dolphins, birds and other mammals in order to avoid disturbing them. Don’t be tempted to touch wildlife or disturb habitats whether on land or water. Personal water craft use is banned in specific areas so please make sure to respect the signs or information posted. 

Off Season Travel You may want to consider visiting Quadra Island during our low season. Not only will you avoid the crowds but the quiet season has a different beauty, including storm watching! Low season travel also prevents any over use of area resources. 

Community Considerations…

Consideration of Neighbours Please minimize noise such as load music, car horns etc. Noise travels clearly over water and to neighbours on land and water.

Highway Safety Please drive at or below the speed limit and watch for the many children, bicycles, pets and wildlife on our roads. Dusk is often the time that deer move around are on the roadways.

Ferry Usage To minimize traffic congestion and your wait time, consider not taking your vehicle across when at all possible walk on and off the ferries in the area. If is is necessary to take your vehicle try to make sure to use off peak times to explore a new area.

Support Local Business Whenever Possible We hope that you will use services, facilities and tours developed and operated by local people. This provides financial benefits to local families and contributes to the vibrancy and viability of our community.

We thank you for joining us in our efforts to help keep our local area a strong, vital community that supports sound ecological principles.